Besides domestic market, also Scandinavian, Irish, German and Asian (Kazakhstan) markets are the locations of our leading projects in 2017. Read more about the accomplished project from the first months of this year:

Modern concert hall in Switzerland

In Dübendorf near Zürich we equipped the most modern concert hall in Switzerland. The hall was fitted out with transportable, laser-guided telescopic stands as well as with fixed stands on the balcony. In closed position, the telescopic stands can be freely transported and used anywhere on the site. Fully upholstered chairs and upholstery meet the strictest fire-resistance standards. All the chairs also have arm-rests for maximum comfort.

The stands are designed to offer maximum flexibility and to adjust a part of the stands into the foot platform, which can, if necessary, be used as a mixing console. All elements of the stands were adapted to the hall, aiming to manage the stand as easy as possible.

The hall, which can accommodate up to 5,000 people, is intended for congresses, concerts and various events and presentations at the highest level.

Project management: @Standworks Vertriebs, Austria

Aabenraa Arena, Denmark

Elan’s stand with over 1,400 seats now adorns the Aabenraa Arena, Denmark. Opening and closing of the stand is fully automated. The stands are adapted also for disabled persons. We have installed 12 folding desks at seating positions, which are intended for journalists. Stands are featured with an important innovation allowing the user to open or close stands also in case of power or engine failure.

Project management: @Unisport Scandinavia APS

Tennis centre Biel, Switzerland

The city of Biel in Switzerland assigned a special street to Roger Federer, where the Swiss tennis association set up a development tennis centre with tennis hall. This exceptional facility comprises only premium equipment, including two of our telescopic stands. Both stands in total width of over 82 metres have 18 rows and can take 2,550 spectators. The construction allows a partial opening of individual rows and fully automatic opening and closing on the underlayment plates, which protect the flooring. Special lasers provide for the accuracy and reliability of extending. We are proud to be a part of this story. This is already our third project in Switzerland within the last six months.

Project management: @Standworks Vertriebs GmbH, Austria

Munktell Arena, Eskilstuna, Sweden

In the Swedish city of Eskilstuna we delivered a stand with almost 1,800 seats. The stand comprises 9 rows in a total length of almost 130 m. All seats are padded and upholstered. The access to the stands is possible from the ground floor or the balcony. Stairs are illuminated with LED-profiles. Stands are therefore absolutely safe even in the darkened hall.

In addition to this stand we managed to place more than 2,400 Auba fixed chairs into the hall.

Project management: @Unisport Scandinavia AB

Skandeborg Arena, Danemark

Another of our stands with over 1,600 seats is situated of this year on in Denmark. The stand opens and closes automatically. In a closed position it is stored under a balcony. In this project we have developed special sensors, which control the opening and closing of the stand, as well as sensors for balcony fences.

Project management: @Unisport Scandinavia APS

Conference centre Malmö, Sweden

The city of Malmö in southern Sweden has almost become our second home and we are already considered regular guests in this town due to regular mounting our stands. The conference centre in this city boasts of a new stand for 193 spectators. The stand consists of a welded foot platform and is placed against a wall. It is possible to partially open the stand. On the stairs there are LED-profiles allowing a safe use even in a darkened room.

Project management: @Adept Collection